Kaiser Rolls: Practical Ways To Use Them In The Kitchen

It is hard to match the delicious flavor a savory Kaiser roll brings to the table. Whether you are entertaining friends or cooking dinner for your family at home, Kaiser rolls will not disappoint when it comes to choosing a bread to have with your meal. Always make sure you purchase extra Kaiser rolls when you stop at the local bakery, because leftover Kaiser rolls can be used to create other delicious treats. Learn more about Kaiser rolls below.

Bring on the bruschetta

One of the easiest things to do with leftover Kaiser rolls is to make bruschetta to use for an appetizer or simply for a snack. To prepare bruschetta, slice a Kaiser roll into thin slices and place on a grill or in your oven broiler to crisp the bread. Once the bread is crisped, you can brush it with your favorite pesto, salsa, or olive oil and top with thin slices of meat or cheese if desired.

Bake some bread pudding

Kaiser rolls that are several days old work best for bread pudding. Bread pudding recipes vary but mainly consist of bread cubes drizzled with melted butter and baked with a mixture of milk, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla until the pudding takes on a cake-like texture. The finished dish can be topped with fresh fruit, molasses, or maple syrup if desired.

Make crunchy croutons

You cannot go wrong with crunchy croutons made from leftover Kaiser rolls to use for topping salads and soups. With their buttery flavor, Kaiser rolls are a natural choice to use for croutons. Slice the Kaiser rolls into thick slices, spread with butter, cut into cubes, and bake at 350 degrees until the croutons are golden and crunchy.

Take them to teatime

Great things happen when you invite Kaiser rolls to teatime. Their buttery flavor is a perfect complement to tea when topped with cream cheese or spreadable fruit. Spread Kaiser rolls with egg or chicken salad and cut into four sections to create the perfect mini sandwiches to serve with midmorning tea.

If you and your family love bread, soft and buttery Kaiser rolls will always be at home in your kitchen. They are great served alone with butter and jelly for a quick breakfast, and they make the perfect side to serve with a steaming bowl of soup or a comforting casserole. You never have to worry about Kaiser rolls going to waste as there are so many practical ways to use them around the kitchen.